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Chicago; always amazing, never disappointing. Whether you’re going for a family visit, business conference, or other, you can surprisingly have room for an extra gem or two of interests that this city already plans to offer you.

A one-day conference for work is short but long; you’ve travelled to arrive, you’ve signed in and sessions’ begun. The schedule is packed with speakers and you’re meeting new people the whole day- and on breaks and lunch. Drink more water than you are, and step out for a bathroom break here and there to take a real break.

Conference Artifacts DisplayPay attention during the speakers even if you think you’ve heard it all before. There is always something new you haven’t heard before (gems you may never hear again).
The deal with speakers and the presentations;

The deal with this particular event, was based on two things; agency informational resources (such as, how your Thrift Savings Plan works or how to extend your Public Outreach to the public), and, Your Personal Attributes (such as Self-Awareness, Civility, and Professional Development tips).


For all your hard work and effort to arrive and commitment to grow as an individual, Social Hour awaits you at the end of the conference day. In most cases there is a closing social-hour event with complimentary food at a local eatery. At this point things are more casual as the formal presentations are complete but always stay casual-professional. This is your chance to get to know others with more time and flexibility; ‘sealing the deal’, so to speak.

You will meet new members of the group(s) that you’re already a member of; Mónoca Endara Estes, Cynthia Flores, and Maria Watson showed some very creative ways for the HAAC group to stand out. In fact, Cynthia mentioned her reason for attending these conferences is,

“...because [of] the impact it has made on me,”

going on to say,

...”I encourage my coworkers and other ‘HAAC’ members to go, because of it.”


Chicago Conference First Day


First Day Conference Survival Tips:

1. it’s a 1 day conference in Chicago=pack light but dress to impress.
2. While on your way by plane, train or auto, drink water whenever you get the chance or are offered it; you won’t realize it in the moment, but you are SUPER dehydrated.
3. Layer-It. This city goes from windy to hot in social indoor spaces.
4. Keep ID and credit card in a fast, easy spot so = no digging.
5. No matter the time, There WILL be traffic.
6. Don’t plan travels late = all gov rate was booked up and I ended up in a 4.5 star hotel $$$!!
7. From airport to downtown is going to cost you, so just accept it.
8. Yes the Batman building is here-no sightings yet.
9. By 2:30p.m. you’ll be über grateful for ‘Uber’ and ‘Lift’ Rides.
10. You’ll also, by then, need a drink ;)
11. Find a good spot with large windows to sip and people-watch; to soak it aaallll in.
12. Don’t plan on sleeping much. DO plan on being awake and in Social-Mode until you are on the return flight home.


Written By: Rebecca Screnock

Woodlawn, Maryland

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